Huawei gets major vote confidence from India


Tech giant Huawei just got a significant endorsement in one of the world’s biggest smartphone market as the founder and chairman of India’s biggest telecom company Mittal voice its support for the Chinese phone maker. The company said Huawei should be allowed to help build India’s 5G networks.

“My view is they should be in play, I really feel they should be in play,” Sunil Bharti Mittal said at the World Economic Forum’s India summit on Thursday. Mittal’s company, Bharti Airtel, is the third largest mobile network provider in India.

Mittal’s endorsement came right after US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said that the Trump administration believes that the Chinese tech giant represents a security risk.

“While we agree that 5G is important, we do think there’s a genuine security risk. At the end of the day, obviously, India has to make its own decision, but our concerns are security not protectionism,” Ross said.

On Twitter, tech expert Ari Lev said that while Huawei has been a leader in developing next-generation 5G technology over the last few years, other companies such as Ericsson and Nokia has narrowed the gap and are its main competitors.

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