United Auto Workers announces “significant progress” in Ford talks


The United Auto Worker union announced that it has made “significant progress” in the contract negotiations with Ford, even as the strike at General Motors continues.

On Thursday, the United Auto Worker union said that it agreed to extend contracts with Ford and Fiat Chrysler. Experts believe this situation could make the union and General Motors to reach a deal sooner than expected.

The United Auto Worker also announced it rejected a new comprehensive offer from General Motors and pointed out that both sides have been exchanging counterproposals this week.

The strike had previously General Motors to lay off at least 2,000 Canadian workers and temporarily close an engine plant in Mexico.

The union said that 18 out of 20 Ford subcommittees have reached tentative deals or made significant progress on this matter. Ford said in a Thursday statement published on Twitter that it is focused on “reaching a fair agreement with the United Auto Workers that allows the company to be more competitive so we can continue to preserve and protect good-paying manufacturing jobs.”

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