Colombian President calls for international sanctions against the Venezuela

Colombian President calls for international sanctions against the Venezuela

Colombia’s president Ivan Duque has called for coordinated international sanctions against the Venezuelan regime in order to stop dictator Nicolas  Maduro’s support for Colombian terrorist groups from destabilizing Latin American.

On Saturday, Duque told the news media that it was crucial to make this move as soon as possible, after he compared Maduro with former Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic.

“We must look at communal sanctions and actions so that the threat of (Venezuela) protecting terrorism in its territory comes to an end. The international community must understand that the tyranny has to come to an end soon because the humanitarian tragedy, in addition to the consolidation of a tyrannical regime that is coexisting with drug cartels and with terrorist groups, is a significant threat for the whole Western hemisphere and for the world’s stability,” the Colombian president said before traveling to the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York.

When talking about the threat that the armed faction of Marxist terrorist group FARC represents to Colombia, Duque said that the country’s military will act strongly if the group decides to attack.

“When the FARC decides to enter Colombian territory we’ll be here waiting with all of the strength of our armed forces. No nation can ever minimize an effort to defeat terrorism,” the Colombian president said.

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