Holocaust Museum in Argentina takes custody of Nazi artifacts’ collection


Federal police and Interpol agents have seized Nazi objects hidden behind a bookcase in a collector’s home in the country’s capital, as part of an investigation into artworks of illicit origins..

Argentina’s Museum of the Holocaust took custody of what was described as the largest collection of Nazi artifacts discovered in the nation’s history. 

On Wednesday, museum president Marcelo Mindlin said that the objects encouraged “hate, death and destruction.” He also said that these items will now become part of an exhibit “in the service of transmitting democratic values, education and the fight for memory so tragedies like the Holocaust are not repeated.”

On Twitter, Argentinean journalist Romina Manguel said that the authorities took over 70 Nazi objects, including statues of the Nazi eagle with a swastika under its talons, an instrument to measure people’s heads to determine their racial purity, and even busts of Adolf Hitler. 

Manguel also pointed out that these artifacts will remain in custody at the Museum while the investigation continues.

During an interview with the press, political analyst and Jewish public figure Debora Plager said that the main hypothesis among the Argentinean Jewish community and investigators is that these artifacts were brought after World War II, when the country became a safe haven for many war criminals.

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