Nearly 100 Ethnic Rohingya Arrested in Myanmar after House Raid


Almost 100 ethnic Rohingya were arrested by Myanmar police on Wednesday after raiding a house located in the industrial and commercial capital of Yangon, according to local authorities.

Many members of the Muslim minority Rohingya have been frequently detained by Myanmar authorities on grounds of “illegal travel” for attempting to leave the disputed northern region of the Rakhine State.

Police captain Tin Maung Lwin confirmed that 98 or 99 Rohingya Muslims were arrested from the Shwe Pyi Thar township.

“The investigation is still ongoing,” he said, adding that the individuals would be sent to a quarantine facility to prevent the unwanted spread of coronavirus infection.

About 600,000 Rohingya have been residing in Myanmar under what Amnesty International has called “apartheid conditions”. Most of their members are living in confined camps and villages, unable to without restrictions or access to healthcare or education.

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