FARC rebels take responsibility for kidnappings and killings in Colombia


Former FARC leaders officially recognized “ethical and political responsibility” for thousands of killings and kidnappings they carried out during the armed conflict between the Marxist terrorist organization and the Colombian state.

During a Monday hearing at a special tribunal in Bogota, FARC ex commander and now leader of the group’s political movement Rodrigo Londoño provided a written testimony to the Special Jurisdiction for Peace in Colombia, detailing the group’s crimes.

“We recognize the existence of civilian retentions and assume on behalf of the men and women who were part of the organization, our collective ethical and political responsibility for the damage caused to the people and families who were victims of this unfortunate practice. We don’t want to justify any conduct that was in violation of international humanitarian law, but to make known in our own voice the objective reasons that led many Colombians to build what became FARC. We have taken a first step in a long process,” Londoño told the hearing.

On Twitter, Colombian senator Paloma Valencia criticized Londoño’s words, pointing out that it was cynical to make the country believe that FARC’s acts of violence were somehow justified.

Congressman Gustavo Bolivar also expressed is opinion about Londoño’s remarks during an interview with radio show La W, saying this was a major step to Colombia’s reconciliation.

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