Venezuelan Regime Releases Key Opposition Figure After Months In Custody


The Venezuelan regime released opposition lawmaker and vice president of Venezuelan National Assembly Edgar Zambrano from custody, after authorities arrested him on treason charges four months ago.

The regime-controlled Supreme Court released a statement in which it said that a Caracas court with national jurisdiction had ordered his “immediate freedom.” However, the statement said that his case remains open, and he would have to report to a judge every month.

Soon after being released, Zambrano told local reporters “I managed to escape from a situation that I hope all political prisoners manage to escape from.”

On his Twitter account, Venezuelan opposition leader and interim president Juan Guaido said “The liberation of Zambrano and political prisoners is a victory of citizen and international pressure, and the Bachelet report – not a ‘kind gesture’ from the dictatorship.”

The Venezuelan regime said that Zambrano’s release is part of the deal it made on Monday with a small group of the Venezuelan opposition, which main goal is to continue the dialogue to reach for a solution to the political and economic crisis.

The deal wasn’t backed by the most important parties within the opposition, including Guaido’s Popular Will and Zambrano’s Democratic Action.

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