Fire At Rio de Janeiro Hospital Kills 11 People


A fire in Brazilian hospital Badim located in northern Rio de Janeiro has killed at least 11 people after a short circuit accident caused by a heavy storm in the Brazilian city.

The fire occured on Thursday night, with hundreds of patients evacuated as the thick smoke spread through the building.

Videos on social media showed people on stretchers filling the pavements on the surrounding streets before being moved to an alternative location.

Firefighters arrived on the scene 45 minutes after it was reported and managed to control the blaze in an hour.

One Twitter user who identified as a family member of one of the patients said that hospital authorities took a couple of hours in moving the patients –many of them had been in the intensive care unit-  to another health center in Rio de Janeiro.

During an interview with TV network Globo, one woman said that while her 77-year-old father managed to make his own way out of his room and outside the hospital, he had to leave the medical equipment behind.

“It was a neurostimulator, a device he depends on for a living … We asked a firefighter to go get it without this device he won’t live. If I could get in there, I’d get it myself,” she told Globo.

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