Iowa-Iowa State football rivalry game jeopardized over alleged harassment of Hawkeye band


The Iowa-Iowa State football rivalry game has been jeopardized over alleged harassment of the Hawkeye band.

Iowa’s marching band members reported being verbally, physically and sexually harassed during the team’s Sept. 14 contest in Ames, leading University of Iowa president Bruce Harreld to consider canceling future games between the programs.

“I’m not convinced at all that we should play this game again — here or there or anywhere — unless we can protect our fans, our band, and of course our athletes,” Harreld told the college newspaper. “If for some reason one party or the other doesn’t come to the table,” he told the paper, “then no, why would we?”

Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard strongly wants the inter-state rivalry to continue on, however.

“It’s critical that we do everything possible to continue to maintain this series,” he said.

ISU Police Chief Michael Newton said no formal complaints have been brought forward, making a potential investigation into the matter very difficult.

“I’ve been in constant contact with the University of Iowa police to make sure that if anything comes in, we’re prepared to respond to that and we would launch an investigation as soon as a complainant were to come forward,” Newton said. “What I do know is the University of Iowa had four police officers with the band, and not any of those officers reported any incidents to us.”

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