Jailed Colombian politician escape through window from medical center


Colombian authorities ordered a full investigation following the escape of an imprisoned former senator from a medical center’s window.

On Tuesday, former senator Aida Merlano went to see a dentist at a famous medical center in Bogota, escorted by a prison guard. 

Once the guard was out of the room Merlano opened the window and went down to the street using a rope, where a motorcycle was waiting for her to escape.

A security camera caught the entire moment on video, which eventually became viral on social media. Most Twitter users in Colombia claimed there had to be cooperation from the security guards at the medical center.

The country’s Justice Minister Margarita Cabello fired the chief of the women’s prison where the former senator had been held, and who authorized the medical visit in Bogota.

Merlano, who was a member of Colombia’s Conservative Party, was sentenced to 15 years in prison last month for buying votes during the general election where she was elected senator in the coastal city of Barranquilla.

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