COVID-19 Vaccinations in German States Delayed Due to Shortage


Three German states suspended vaccination programs for at least a week due to shortages caused by delay of vaccine delivery.

“We have now received the message from the Federal Ministry of Health that the delivery will be canceled in the first calendar week without replacement,” Berlin State Health Minister Dilek Kalayci told German news agency DPA.

German media reported that the delivery of around 30,000 vaccines developed by Pfizer-BioNTech set to arrive on Jan. 4 was cancelled. Why the order was cancelled has not been made immediately clear.

Brandenburg State Health Minister Ursula Nonnemacher said during a press conference on Dec. 30 that the state will also not receive any vaccine delivery in the first week of January, but also said not to “make an extreme drama out of the fact that one delivery is delayed.”

“I expect the delivery situation for the vaccine to ease in the first weeks of January,” Nonnemacher said.

Bavarian Health Minister Melanie Huml also announced that the state was also affected by the delay.

It had been previously reported that the vaccine delivery was set to continue on Jan. 11. However, the Federal Health Ministry clarified that the next vaccine delivery with 670,000 doses will take place “as originally planned” on Jan. 8.

According to the Federal Health Ministry, the next vaccine delivery after Jan. 8 will take place on Jan. 18, then on every Monday.

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