IOC Seeks Vaccines for Olympic Athletes So Summer Games May Resume


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been working on several ways to get the athletes vaccinated in the second or third wave so that the Tokyo summer games can proceed safely in July.

Thomas Bach, the IOC president, has  previously encouraged athletes to be vaccinated before Tokyo 2020, however insisted it would no longer be an entry requirement.

This is due to the respect that some athletes’ faith may mean that they are uncomfortable about using a vaccine that contains pork-derived gelatin, which is widely used as a stabilizer to make sure that the vaccine remains safe and effective during storage and transport.

However, the discovery of new coronavirus variants and the sudden increase of cases in Japan has led to the urgent desire to get the athletes vaccinated as soon as front liners and the vulnerable have been vaccinated.

“We are doing so, of course, in order to contribute even more to the safe environment in the Games, but also out of respect for the Japanese people because they should be confident that everything is being done to not only protect the participants, but also the Japanese people, by having as many of the visitors as possible being vaccinated.” The IOC said in a statement.

The Olympic movement remains confident that the Games will take place in the summer.

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