Lebanon Braces for New Lockdown Amid Rising Cases


Lebanon braces for a new lockdown as a surge in cases have been recorded after holiday celebrations. 

Authorities are now considering a three-week lockdown as hospitals are nearly reaching full capacity for Covid-19 patients, after reporting a record of 3,507 new cases on New Year’s Eve. 

As of Sunday, there were 2,870 additional cases bringing the total to 189,278 cases, according to the Ministry of Public Health. 

The ministry has also recorded a continuous increase in the number of ICU occupancy with 461 occupied beds recorded on Sunday and 1,182 occupied hospital beds. 

Assem Araji of the parliament’s health committee has suggested a stricter lockdown due to the situation “which necessitates imposing a three-week full closure across the country as soon as possible because the health sector is also in danger and heading toward disaster. There are about 2,000 doctors and nurses in quarantine as they have contracted COVID-19.”

New measures are expected to be announced on Monday. 

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