Saudi Prince Denies Claims He Sought to Assassinate Former Spy Chief in Canada


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has denied the allegations that he ordered the assassination of a former intelligence official.

The crown prince’s lawyer, Michael Kellogg has filed a motion to dismiss on Monday, denying the lawsuit filed by Saad al-Jabri on August accusing the crown prince and other officials for targeting to assassinate him in Canada in 2018.

The lawsuit was filed by al-Jabri in the United States where he spent his time working with the Bush administration.

Kellogg said that immunity would hinder the crown prince from being prosecuted as he was a head of state.

The crown prince’s legal counsel said that the allegations were out of place at a US district court saying, “Even taking Aljabri’s allegations as true, he does not and cannot allege that the supposed attempt on his life in Canada was caused by any conduct in the United States.”

Al-Jabri said that he was being targeted because he was knowledgeable on sensitive matters regarding Crown Prince Mohammed.

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