Scientists Discover New Species in Bolivia


A scientific expedition in the Bolivian Andes revealed 20 new species to science, including the “Lilliputian frog” plus four rediscovered species that includes the “devil-eyed frog,” previously thought to be extinct.

According to a Conservation International Sunday report, the expedition was led by the environmental group and the local government of Bolivia’s capital La Paz. 

The expedition included 17 scientists who went to Huaylipaya locality of the Chawi Grande near La Paz.

“The remarkable rediscovery of species once thought extinct, especially so close to the city of La Paz, illustrates how sustainable development that embraces conservation of nature can ensure long-term protection of biodiversity. Due to their tiny size and habit of living in tunnels beneath the thick layers of moss in the cloud forest, they were difficult to find even by tracking their frequent calls” Conservation International said in a statement.

Four new butterfly species were also discovered in the expedition, including two species of “metalmark butterflies”, which feed on flower nectar in open areas and forest clearings.

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