Spain’s Former King Paid $820,000 to Settle New Probe


Former King of Spain Juan Carlos paid about $820,000 in back taxes to settle a new investigation by Spanish authorities into whether he and other members of the royal family used bank accounts in other people’s names to hide assets from the tax authorities.

On Thursday morning, Juan Carlos’ lawyer Javier Sanchez Junco told newspaper El Mundo in an emailed statement that the former monarch made the payment on Wednesday night, less than a month after Spanish media revealed an investigation into possible money laundering and tax evasion based on him and some of his relatives. 

According to El Pais, the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office confirmed the existence of a new case involving the king, but has not elaborated on specifics. The former monarch was already the subject of another investigation by the same office.

Last August, Juan Carlos abruptly left Spain for the United Arab Emirates, amid a series of investigations relating to his personal wealth. The former monarch hasn’t been indicted, but prosecutors in both Spain and Switzerland have been probing a web of offshore foundations, secret bank accounts and business deals that also involve several people closely connected to him.

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