Thieves Break into Russia’s Doomsday Plane and Steal Equipment


Thieves have stolen communications equipment from a Russian Aerospace Forces’  Il-80 Maxdome “doomsday aircraft” while it was undergoing maintenance in the southwestern Russian city of Taganrog. 

Russia’s state-run media outlet RIA Novosti did not report when the robbery occurred but said the loss was reported last Friday.

The plane was believed to be at a facility of the Beriev company, the firm responsible for outfitting and upgrading equipment for specialized mission aircraft operated by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

An unnamed Russian transport police source confirmed to Interfax that an inquiry has been opened and that a criminal case is being considered. 

Investigators have already taken fingerprints and shoe-prints from inside the aircraft to determine the culprits and found that the thieves made their way inside through a service hatch. 

The communications equipment that was stolen was reportedly still installed during the recent inspection last Nov. 26.

The plane is one of the four Il-80s designed to be used as airborne command posts for Russian officials in case of a nuclear war. 

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