Apple’s India Plant Ransacked during Worker’s Strike, Inventory Stolen


Wistron, an Apple subcontractor that primarily manufactures iPhones in Karnataka’s Narsapura, India was vandalized and looted by its own employees over labor issues.

Wistron reported that thousands of iPhones worth Rs 4,370,000,000 were stolen and Wistron’s factory equipment was destroyed during the attack.

Police said that thousands of workers armed with iron rods and clubs forced their way into the premises and targeted the HR block first then breached the four main entrances, vandalized offices, destroyed equipment, broke lockers and desks before destroying documents containing details of employees.

The police had arrested 128 people who took part in the attack while 300 people have been detained for questioning.

Indian news agencies reported that the employees were angry because they were not being paid the salary that was promised to them when they were hired.

India’s Ministry of Labor said that the dispute between Wistron and the contract laborers has been going on for three months. 

Karnataka labor minister Shivaram Hebbar condemned the attack and said that they not received any complaints related to wage issues at the Wistron facility.

“We did not receive a single letter/notice or even a complaint about a phone call about salary payment issues at Wistron. This behavior without even trying to contact the labor department is unpardonable. We are here to listen to their grievances. There is a grievance redressal mechanism in place” said Hebbar.

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