French Retail Giant Carrefour to Hire 15,000 Young Workers


Carrefour’s boss Alexandre Bompard said on Tuesday morning that the company is planning to hire 15,000 young workers in 2021 in France, with half the new recruits coming from the city’s underprivileged neighborhoods.

“Some 750,000 youngsters enter the labor market each year. It is always hard for them to find their place. This year, for what we can call the ‘COVID Generation’, it’s extremely complex. Doors are closed because many companies face difficulties,” Bompard said during an interview with RTL radio, referring to workers under the age of 25.

Bompard also pointed out that “We are the number one (private sector) employer in France. We cannot stay idle. I have decided that we will hire 15,000 youngsters next year, 50% more than usual, and I want 50% of these youngsters to come from underprivileged neighborhoods.”

Carrefour, which is the biggest retailer in Europe, employs 321,000 people worldwide, including 105,000 in France. The jobs offered will be long-term contracts and apprenticeships.

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