Spanish Government Will Allow Free Movement to Gibraltar Workers after Brexit


The Spanish government announced that cross-border workers who commute between Spain and Gibraltar will be exempt from border controls after Brexit, even if there are no agreements on free movement with the United Kingdom.

“Our biggest priority is to prevent the Gibraltar border from becoming a hard border. We will permit free movement no matter what happens with Brexit,” Spanish Foreign Ministry Gonzalez Laya told local reporters during a Wednesday morning news conference in Madrid.

However, she explained that even without a deal, there will be provisions in place for those who work on one side of the border and live on the other. “Cross-border workers who have registered their status before 1 January 2021 … will be able to cross by identifying themselves with a document prepared for this purpose,” she said.

Over15,000 people live in Spain and work in Gibraltar, making up about 50 percent of Gibraltar’s labor force. The territory’s population of about 34,000 was overwhelmingly against Britain leaving the European Union.

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