India Pushes for Permanent UN Security Council Seat for Africa


India is now advocating for a permanent UN Security Council Seat for Africa, following its membership at the council on Wednesday. 

India’s Foreign Secretary. Harsh Shringla, speaking at the UNSC Open Debate, pushed for the permanent UNSC seat for Africa in order to ‘defend its own interests.’

“The Council needs to introspect that while more than half of the country issues on the Council’s agenda pertain to Africa, the African continent does not even have a single voice amongst the permanent membership to defend its own interests,” the secretary said. 

Shringla urged the council to correct this ‘historical anomaly’, and laid down an eight-point observation regarding fragility of states, particularly in the African continent. 

Concluding his address, the foreign secretary said, “India will continue to support Africa’s aspirations and work towards empowering Africa for a future that is founded on the principles of inclusivity, sustainability, transparency, and socio-economic development with dignity and respect. “

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