Saudi Arabia Reopens Commercial Air Travel with Qatar


Flights between Saudi Arabia and Qatar have resumed, after its flag carriers announced commercial flights over the weekend. 

On Monday, Qatar Airways said, “Today #QatarAirways is resuming operations to #Riyadh, #SaudiArabia,” on Twitter. 

The airline announced that it will resume flights to Riyadh starting Monday, Jeddah on Thursday and Dammam on Saturday. 

“We also look forward to resuming a strong relationship with our trade and cargo partners in KSA, as well as the major airports in the country,” the airline tweeted. 

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has also announced on Saturday, that it will resume its flights from Riyadh and Jeddah to Doha. There will be four scheduled flights weekly from Riyadh and three from Jeddah. 

Its first flight from Riyadh to Doha also took off on Monday. 

Following the Gulf Cooperation Council Summit last week, member states have been keen to resume travel and trade with Qatar, ending its more than three-year blockade. 

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