US Sanctions Turkey Over Russian Missile Defense System


The Trump administration has implemented sanctions on NATO ally Turkey over a Russian air defense system that they have purchased, which sets the stage for confrontations between two nations as Joe Biden has prepared to take office.

The move has come at a delicate time in relations between Ankara and Washington, which have been tense for more than a year over the acquisition of Turkey from Russia of the S-400 missile defense system.

The United States had previously taken Turkey out of its F-35 stealth fighter development and training program over the purchase of the defense system, however, they did not taken any action despite the persistent warnings from officials of the U.S. who have complained about the purchase of the S-400 as they claim that it is incompatible with NATO equipment and it is a potential threat to allied security. 

Turkey has tested the missile defense system in October for the first time, resulting in criticisms from the Pentagon. 

Ankara says it was forced to purchase the Russian system because the United States had refused to sell American-made Patriot missiles. 

The Turkish government pointed to what they have considered to be a double standard, as NATO member Greece also uses Russian-made missiles. 

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