Colombian Authorities Release Former Supreme Court President


Colombian authorities released the country’s former Supreme Court president Francisco Ricaurte from jail, after the prosecution failed to call him to trial for allegedly leading a corruption ring that allowed Colombia’s politicians to evade justice.

The former Supreme Court President was released on Wednesday night after a judge and his lawyer managed to hoodwink the prosecution, forcing authorities to let him go.

On Wednesday night, a judge ordered his release after Ricaurte’s lawyer claimed that the prosecution failed to call the former Supreme Court president to trial over his alleged role in the corruption scheme.

According to media reports, the prosecution called  Ricaurte to stand on trial on August 15th and 16th, a couple of days before the expiration of the statute of limitations. 

The former Supreme Court president failed to show up for the hearing after his lawyer said he had other court obligations. This deception allowed the lawyer to successfully argue for the release of his client. 

The Inspector General’s Office claimed this act of lawyerly deception allowed   Ricaurte to petition for release. The prosecutor’s office indicated that it believes the former Supreme Court president and the prosecution may have worked in complicity to secure Ricaurte’s release.

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