Ecuador’s Highest Court Approves Same-Sex Marriage


Quito, Ecuador (4E) – Five of nine judges in Ecuador’s highest court ruled on Wednesday in favor of two gay couples who sued after the country’s civil registry denied their request to be married, legalizing same-sex marriage in the South American nation.

With this ruling, Ecuador becomes the 27th county in the world to allow same-sex marriage. The historical ruling came during the annual gay Pride month.

The Ecuadorean LGBT+ community celebrated the decision as a historical victory after years of struggle.

Regarding this historical moment, the president of the Ecuadorian Federation of LGBTI Organizations and the first trans woman elected to the country’s National Assembly, Diane Rodriguez, said “After a fight of almost 20 years, gay marriage has been achieved. It gives us a guiding light for many other proposals on human rights.”

According to Rodriguez, this achievement wasn’t easy since the church in Ecuador is extremely influential, just as the Life and Family movement, which is a Christian group that led much of the opposition to the same-sex marriage.

About the ruling, the group claimed that marriage was already determined by a 2008 constitution that granted civil unions to same-sex couples, and pointed out that any further change needed an amendment in the parliament or a referendum.

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