Former Salvadoran President gets two more years in jail for bribery


An El Salvador court has sentenced Salvadoran former President Elias Antonio Saca with other two years in jail for bribery. Saca is currently serving a 10-year prison term for corruption. 

On Thursday, the country’s Attorney General office said that the former president was found guilty of having offered $10,000 to a court employee to obtain information about a corruption investigation against him.

A court spokesman told local media that the former president was sentenced “during an abbreviated trial”. He also said that Saca “negotiated” an abbreviated trial with the country’s prosecutors, agreeing to confess his crimes related to a bribery offence in exchange for a shorter period in jail.

During an appearance in NTN24’s Club de Prensa, political analyst Antonio de la Cruz said that a Salvadoran judge will decide whether the former president will serve an extra two years in prison, or if this additional time will be considered as part of his ten-year sentence.

“Saca’s case is quite delicate since it is taking place in a moment where the Salvadoran society is sick and tired of corruption, meaning that public opinion will definitely play a major role in this decision,” he added.

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