Peruvian Court Cuts Jail Time To Opposition Leader


The Peruvian Supreme Court cut the pre-trial detention of opposition leader Keiko Fujimori, which guarantees her release in April 2020. The 44-year-old politician was ordered held for three years last October in a corruption case related to Odebrecht. 

Fujimori’s lawyer said a couple of minutes after the Supreme Court’s decision that she had petitioned for an immediate release. 

Her lawyers said she would appeal the Supreme Court ruling to Peru’s Constitutional Court.

Keiko, who is currently detained at a women’s prison south of Lima, is the eldest daughter of disgraced former dictator Alberto Fujimori.

She is accused of accepting almost $2 million in illicit party funding from Brazil’s construction giant Odebrecht for her 2011 presidential campaign.

During an interview with NTN24’s program Club de Prensa on Friday morning, political analyst Alberto Tarre explained that the Thursday’s decision by the Supreme Court gives her plenty of time to campaign for presidential elections in two years.

On Twitter, Peruvian users are polarized on this situation, with many praising Fujimori and already calling her “Madame President,” and others who claimed a corrupt politician shouldn’t have the right to be a presidential candidate.

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