Samsung Boss Could End Up In Jail Again After South Korea’s Supreme Court Ruling


The Supreme Court of South Korea ruled that a bribery case against the heir of tech giant Samsung must be reviewed by a lower court, which raised the chance of a possible return to jail and even a tougher sentence.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court overturned part of an appeals court bribery conviction against Samsung’s chief Jay Y. Lee who had been given a two-and-a-half year suspended sentence for seeking favor from South Korea’s former president Park Geun-hye

The South Korean Court pointed out that the interpretation by the Seoul High Court on what constituted bribes by the tech giant to the former country’s leader was too narrow and returned the case to the appellate court.

In a statement, Chief Justice Kim Myeong-su said “The appeals court’s ruling was based on the premise that the horses defendants gave to Choi Seo-won were not to be considered bribes, misinterpreting the principle of law regarding bribery and mistakenly affecting the ruling.”

Choi is a confidante of former President Kim, who was convicted of bribery and other charges.

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