Colombian government shows new proof of Venezuelan regime’s collusion with terrorists


The Colombian government renewed its claim that Marxist terrorists are operating in Venezuela with support and protection from the Venezuelan regime, a week after presenting similar allegations at the United Nations using erroneous pictures.

Colombia’s Ministry of Defense revealed new images that show captured or deceased terrorists from FARC and ELN posing for photographs in front of some famous Venezuelan monuments.

The updated presentation from the Colombian government also includes purported letters from the Colombian terrorists talking about their activities inside Venezuela, and the way the socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro supports them.

Last week, Colombian President Ivan Duque was widely criticized after making a presentation at the United Nations’ General Assembly, in which he offered a 128-page dossier with pictures as evidence. A couple of hours later, newspaper El Colombiano revealed that one of these pictures was shot in Colombia.

During a Monday appearance in NTN24 Club de Prensa, political analyst Antonio de la Cruz said that while Duque made a “dumb” mistake, no one in the international community doubts about the relations between the Venezuelan regime and terrorists groups in Latin American and the world.

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