Iraqi unrest reaches five days, 100 deaths as demonstrators take stand on poor living conditions


Unrest in Iraq reached five days and 100 deaths Saturday as demonstrators continue to take a stand on living conditions in the country.

At least five people were killed in Baghdad as security forces reportedly used live rounds on protesters calling for the government to make major improvements on unemployment, lagging public services and rising corruption among officials.

It marks the most serious unrest in the nation in two years and is the most serious test of Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi’s leadership in the year since he took office, political observers say.

There doesn’t appear to be a unifying force, or leader, behind the protests.

Curfews and internet blackouts have been utilized by the government in an effort to control the situation but a lift of the daytime curfew Saturday saw protesters start to come together again.

The human rights commission is reporting that well over 500 arrests have been made, with nearly 200 people still being detained by police.

The commission added that over 3,000 people have been injured in battles with police.

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