Maduro Regime targets Harvard academic for helping opposition leader


The Venezuelan regime announced it will reach out to Harvard University in order tocontain the efforts of Venezuelan academic Jose Ignacio Hernandez, who is providing a significant support for opposition leader and interim president Juan Guaido.

On Tuesday, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said at a news conference in Caracas that the socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro will send documents to Harvard that details his plan to allegedly “steal Venezuela’s assets abroad.”

“He is the criminal mind going after the financial resources of the government and PDVSA, against the gold and debt,” Rodriguez pointed out in the news conference, in reference to the state-run oil company.

Hernandez, who is both the attorney general of Guaido and a faculty member at Harvard’s Center for International Development, had led the legal charge for the socialist dictator’s foes this year in an effort to safeguard assets and defend the South American nation against creditor claims.

The opposition leader and Venezuela’s interim president took control of PDVSA subsidiary in the US Citgo earlier this year.

During the news conference, Rodriguez said that Citgo is at risk of being seized by creditors after a US appeals court ruled on Monday that Canadian company Crystallex could continue with its efforts of taking control of the PDVSA subsidiary.

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