Protesters in Mexico vandalize presidential palace and central bank


Masked protesters who splintered off from a larger march in Mexico City, set a door on fire at Mexico’s central bank headquarters and broke windows at different businesses in the capital’s main financial district.

According to image broadcast on Milenio TV, the masked protesters damaged several businesses in downtown Mexico City on Thursday evening. Some of these protesters even assaulted the country’s National Place through two of its large wooden doors.

Images on Milenio TV showed that Mexico’s National Guard shuttered the palace’s main door soon after the protesters started to assault it. According to newspaper Reforma, dozens of people were arrested by local authorities.

On Twitter, one of the protesters said that the marches were meant to commemorate the fifth-year anniversary of the massacre of 43 students in Gurrero. Reforma said that the main leaders of these protests were the relatives of the students, whose cases haven’t been solved yet.

During an interview with NTN24 Club de Prensa, political analyst Jose Zambrano said that violent protests and destruction of property is a common exercise in Mexico’s demonstrations. 

“In this case, the marches represented the inevitable reaction to a tragedy that no one seems to care about, “ Zambrano added.

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