Vladimir Putin announces full support of Venezuelan Maduro regime talks with opposition groups


Russian president Vladimir Putin expressed full support to the dialogue between the Venezuelan regime and fringe opposition groups. These dialogues have been rejected by Venezuela’s main opposition leaders, including interim president Juan Guaido.

During a Wednesday meeting with Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro in Moscow, Putin told reporters that he considered any refusal to hold dialogue to be “irrational and harmful for the country and a threat to the welfare of the Venezuelan population.”

“Of course we support the dialogue that you, Mr President and your government, are conducting with opposition forces,” Putin told the Venezuelan dictator.

Putin also announced his government is planning to deliver 1.5 million on flu vaccines in the near future to the South American nation. He also said that Russia was meeting its obligations to service military hardware it had sold to the Venezuelan regime.

Over the last few years, the Russian government has been one of the biggest supporters of the Venezuelan regime, providing loans and help for the military and oil industry.

On his YouTube podcast, political analyst Alejandro Izaguirre said that Putin is simply backing these dialogues because “he knows it could undermine Guaido’s leadership and maintain Maduro in power.”

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