Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas brace for possible hit from Hurricane Dorian


Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas are bracing for a possible hit from Hurricane Dorian as the storm appears to be tracking north, according to forecasters.

Dorian, which barreled through the Bahamas Saturday, is still expected to pound Florida, however, even if the storm remains offshore according to meteorologists.

“Everyone’s waking up and saying, ‘Whoa, it’s a little farther east, maybe things are OK.’ But we’ve got to be careful at this time,” Ken Graham, director of the National Hurricane Center in Miami, said Saturday.

Storm force winds could still blow mightily through Florida, he added.

“I’ve seen a lot of storms bigger than that, but at the same time when it gets close to the coast, people have a tendency just to look at the center, but you have to think of it as bigger,” said Graham. 

The National Hurricane Center said Dorian was just over 300 miles east of West Palm Beach late Saturday night, with winds at 150 mph as a Category 4 “major” hurricane.

Forecasters say Dorian has slowed from 12 mph to 8 mph, meaning the storm has lingered over the Bahamas and pushed its arrival near Florida to late Monday into Tuesday.

Dorian’s current track has it bearing off the coast of South Carolina by Thursday morning.

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